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Shealy Wealth Advisory prides itself on offering asset management services. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to designing, constructing, and managing your investment portfolio. We do not allow a computer program to make automatic buy and sell decisions for your hard-earned money based on some algorithmic approach and historical data that might only work in a back-test. We listen in great detail to you and provide a tailored, personalized portfolio where individualized tax loss harvesting is executed where appropriate in non-retirement accounts.

Our advisory fee structure is simple, straightforward, and transparent. As a client, all fees should be disclosed so that you know exactly what you are paying.

In our advisory accounts, that are managed on a discretionary basis, the client is always aware of what is taking place within the account through monthly statements, quarterly reports, on-line account viewing, or simply speaking with us about their account at any time.

Advisory accounts use a combination of different investment vehicles. We are not of the belief that one investment vehicle is the holy grail to successful investing. We are also not of the belief that active investing always does better than passive investing or passive investing does better than active investing. We have decades of asset management experience and have seen many different types of markets to know there are not any absolutes when it comes to successful investing. Our advisory accounts utilize ETFs, no-load mutual funds, individual stocks, individual bonds, REITs, and load-waived mutual funds.

No load and load waived funds may incur 12b-1 fees.