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Retirement Planning can encompass a wide range of topics and goals.  At Shealy Wealth Management, we are prepared and experienced to address all of these areas with you.  When most people think of retirement planning though, they think of whether or not they will have enough monthly income on an after-tax basis to meet their monthly expenses throughout their life expectancy also known as Income and Distribution Planning.  We have literally reviewed thousands of scenarios with clients and prospective clients on whether not they will have enough income to sustain themselves throughout retirement.  Given the magnitude of cases we have reviewed and clients that we have assisted over time, we think most individuals and families would be very hard pressed to find an advisor or planner with more experience or passion than us with respect to Income and Distribution Planning.

With assistance on Income and Distribution Planning, we help clients set various retirement goals such as level of income, retirement age, household account size at retirement, etc.  In pursuing these goals, we develop an investment strategy that is tailored and personalized just for you.  We will use comprehensive financial planning software and technology to aid us in pursuing your goals if warranted by your portfolio and needs.  We have the ability to “stress test” your portfolio to see how it would potentially withstand downturns in the market if there was a repeat of recent bear markets or financial crisis that our country experienced during the early 2000s and late 2000s period.  Perhaps your portfolio is taking on an unnecessary level of risk or not enough risk to pursue your goals for retirement.  We can give a very specific and mathematically quantified assessment on the level of risk in your portfolio using our tools.   We have the ability to provide you a personalized evaluation of where you stand now with respect to having enough income for retirement.  If you are on track on track to have enough income in retirement, our evaluation will conclusively reveal that.  If you are not on track with having enough income in retirement, we will provide specific recommendations to help you get on a path to potentially reach your goals.

Insurance Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning are also very important areas to address when comprehensively approaching Retirement Planning.  At Shealy Wealth Management, we are able to guide and help you with all of these services.  As licensed insurance agents with decades of experience, we can meet all of your life insurance needs as a result of the numerous relationships we maintain with insurance carriers, none of which are proprietary to our firm.  We have strategic relationships and alliances with CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys, and Trust Companies throughout the country that can assist you and your family goals and needs.

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

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