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Shealy Wealth Management recognizes the tremendous value that an experienced, highly educated, and personable client relationship manager can potentially bring to literally almost every investor. That is why we have structured our firm in such a way to where you will always have access to a dedicated client relationship manager who we believe will hold those criteria.

Often, the world of investing can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes downright frightening. It is easy to have information overload given the thousands upon thousands of different investment choices and vehicles. There are advertisements upon advertisements. One talking head on television may state that a bull market may rage on while another pundit may state that a bear market is absolutely imminent on the same program. You may be busy with your career. You may be busy with your family. You may just simply lack the time or desire. You may feel like taking all of your money and sticking it underneath your mattress during times like our country experienced in The Great Recession where we witnessed major commercial and investment banks seemingly implode overnight. Your head is spinning. Whatever the reason may be, you have certain investment and retirement planning goals that have to be met or else you may have poor investment results and a dismal retirement. That’s not something you can afford to happen.

This is where your client relationship manager steps in at our firm. We look to provide proactive and personable guidance, education, and goal setting through regularly scheduled calls, appointments, emails, and client events. We strive to really know you and to build a very comfortable relationship that’s lifelong. We even provide our cell phone numbers so you can reach us at any time even night or weekends, and we truly mean that. We look to provide that real, personal touch that’s often lacking in corporate America these days.